April 4, 2024

Two things.  The first is that I discovered a way to search an image.  I have been trying to find the artist responsible for a couple of pictures that I caught on TV, in a movie or as a backdrop to one of the talking heads.  An artist neighbor had mentioned searching on an image but never told me how to do it and she has moved on.  Then all of sudden I had the idea, why don’t I just Google it.  So I did and found a Google app called Google lens.  It works on the phone.  I successfully downloaded it, and not only did I find matches but a selection of similar artwork, thereby, expanding my quilting possibilities exponentially.  It only took me a couple of years to realize that I could do it myself and minutes to execute and get results.

The second thing is that we received a finger painted piece of art made by the two-year old that lives down the hall.  The painting was left at the door, no fanfare, just the art.  It just delighted both Dave and myself.  So I decided one deserves another and I made a little stuffed doll for her which I will leave at their door, no fanfare, just the art.

Both of these little feel-goods were products of resourcefulness, digital and device knowhow as well as some ingenuity.  I was resourceful because I used existing applications, without additional cost.  I successfully moved the images that I wanted to match from the desktop to my phone in order to scan for the match.  I then transferred the selected images from my phone to the desktop and compiled a portfolio.  It was a bit ingenious of me to make the doll, I had done this a few years ago and needed to remind myself how to put it together.  I used fabric from my stash of scraps and made adjustments to the size and accessories.  Here is a picture of the doll.


I hung the doll on the door of the neighbor’s apartment early in the morning.  As I was leaving the apartment building later that same day, the little girl and her dad were coming in.  The little girl was walking along side the stroller that her dad was pushing and the doll was seated comfortably in the stroller.  The little girl’s dad indicated she just loves the doll.  I don’t know what delighted me more, the little girl’s joy or the serendipity of the moment.  Either way, the circle of the gift exchange was completed.