Advanced SFI-Practice – Lesson 3

Objective: Elaborate on Your Top Strengths

After you create your Top 10 Strengths list, you are ready to elaborate on those strengths. This is the last step in articulating the foundation of your current positive identity.

Notes on Practice
There is more than one way to elaborate a strength. In the video you heard Jennifer talk about going back to positive moments. Here is another way:
Choose one of your top strengths from your Top Ten List.
Write about that strength for 10 to 20 minutes, or until you have filled a page. Your writing might include explanation, description, comparisons, contrasts, and examples. Metaphors and similes can be useful. You might call this “thinking in writing” about your strength. It’s kind of a brainstorm session.
Internally ask yourself clarifying questions like, What do I really mean by this? / What is an example of a time I noticed this strength in myself? / What is it like when I engage this strength? / What contexts do I notice this strength in?
Repeat the process with each of your top strengths.
Reflection Question
After completing your elaborated Top Ten List, notice your strengths at work in your daily life. For example, be aware of when you’re feeling good about what you’re doing and try to find a word from your list that would help you deepen your experience within this situation. Do you want to add this experience to your elaboration of that strength?
Articulating Your Strengths

“Elaboration adds more meaning. The more ideas you connect the more meaning you have.”


Other Resources

Our website has examples of the elaboration step. Look at the Examples from an SfI Practitioner

Articulating Your Strengths Chapter 6 has detailed instructions on elaborating your strengths.