Advanced SFI-Practice – Lesson 5

Objective: Strengths-focused Dialogues

Engaging in the Strengths-focused Identity Practice with others extends positivity into the world around you. Like a plant that is moved from the darkness into the light, you can thrive in a positive environment. Within Strengths-focused Relationships you will find acceptance, creativity, and a solutions mindset.

Notes on Practice
To start a Strengths-focused relationship:
1. Find someone you would like to share positivity with.
2. Establish a regular time to meet for a Strengths-focused dialogue on Zoom, in person, or another way.
3. Use the directions on the website or in the book. 
4. Continue to meet regularly for an hour a week for at least six weeks. That will give you a sense of whether you would like to continue.  
5. During this hour, stay focused on positivity.
      Reflection Question
      If you have experienced a Strengths-focused dialogue, what were the benefits? 

      If you have not experienced a Strengths-focused dialogue, what do you imagine the benefits might be for you personally?
      Articulating Your Strengths

      “You will benefit more from this practice if you work together with other people.”

      “When you talk to yourself, you often don’t finish the ideas. You think you know what you’re talking about, but you don’t really put it into words, so it isn’t really clear what your thoughts are.”

      Other Resources

      You can join our Thursday evening group dialogue. We meet at 5PM Pacific Time on Zoom. Email Jennifer at to join our group or get more information. 

      Are you uncomfortable with the idea of establishing a Strengths-focused dialogue? Jerald invites you to call him to discuss it! (206) 523-2931.

      The Articulating Your Strengths website has other examples, explanations, and supports.