Beginning SFI-Practice – Lesson 1


Learn the purpose of the SfI-Practice and get to know Jerald Forster and Jennifer Rose, your guides.

The purpose of the practice is to increase your positivity in two ways: 

  • Increase your positivity as you experience your daily life.
  • Increase your positivity about who you are as a person. 
Reflection Question
Take a moment to write an intention or purpose for your engagement with the Strengths-focused Identity Practice. What is a way that you would like to become more positive about your life or yourself? For example: I would like to be more gentle with myself internally. Or, I would like to increase my awareness of my feelings.
Articulating Your Strengths

“The key idea: this is going to […] make your life more positive, and it will give you the ability to help other people become more positive.”

Jerald Forster