Beginning SFI-Practice – Lesson 8


Sharing Your Practice

Jerald and Jennifer make a case for doing the SfI-Practice with others. Templates provide support for reaching out.

Notes on Practice
When you share with others, you are articulating more clearly, and that makes it more real.
Reflection Question
As I learn about the SfI-Practice, am I noticing more positive feelings? What have I noticed recently?.

Other Resources

These templates may help you craft invitations to engage in the SfI-Practice with other people or in groups. 

[For initiating a new meeting]


I am starting a new practice to increase my positivity. I wonder if you would like to try it out with me. It would involve meeting once a week to talk about positive things that have happened and about positive aspects of our personalities. We could meet online or in person. 

[For including SfI in an already existing meeting]


The next time we meet, I’d like to try a process that might bring unique positivity to our meeting. It is uncomplicated and does not take a long time. I’ve done it, and it feels good. Let me know what you think.