Advanced SFI-Practice – Lesson 9

Objective: Foundations of the Practice

Learn about the foundations of the Strengths-focused Identity Practice: constructivism, articulation, and mindfulness.

Notes on Practice
While you don’t need this lesson to do the practice, it will give you information about the psychological foundations of SfI. 

From time to time you might look at this lesson. It is likely to mean more to you as you practice more. It’s useful to know these principles, as they make the practice more meaningful. Knowledge of them may also help you refute the negativity bias internally when it suggests that this practice is superficial, unnecessary, or frivolous.Thoughts such as these can erode our commitment and make us less likely to practice positivity which would be a great loss.
Reflection Question
Think about this idea that your reality is unique and is constructed from your awareness and articulations. Where are you with this idea at this time? Does it seem true to you? Come back to this after you practice more, and ask yourself again.
Articulating Your Strengths

“It’s tremendously important to be aware of how you feel in the moment. That is probably the most important part of the practice. When you know how you feel, you will naturally steer toward the positive. If you don’t know how you feel, you likely continue under the influence of the negativity bias.”


The book has more information about the foundations of the SfI-Practice.