About Us

Could you feel better more of the time?

Strengths-focused practices can help you feel better at any moment and support you in elevating your overall sense of self.

They do this by helping you guide your attention to positive feelings and moments, and by helping you identify with the inner strengths that are enabling these feelings and moments.

We are here to help you feel better during the precious time you have to be alive.

Jerald R. Forster, PhD

I graduated from the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of Minnesota in 1966 and became a faculty member of the University of Washington Counseling Psychology program. I am influenced by the Personal Construct Psychology of George Kelly and the idea that people construct their own realities. It made sense to me in this light to emphasize personal strengths in the construction of a subjective identity. The Strengths-focused Identity (SfI) Practice on this website includes the distillation of my work in psychology. Now, I am most interested in facilitating the optimal development of those who choose to be SfI practitioners.

Jennifer Rose, MA

I received my 500-hour yoga teacher certification from the Himalayan Institute, established by Swami Rama. I have been teaching yoga since 2000 and meditation since 2003. I am the founder of the Clear Water Meditation Circle and as well as the moderator of the online teleconference Conversations With the Walking Yogi. Yoga instruction frequently touts the value of a positive mental focus. When I read Jerald Forster’s first book, Articulating Strengths Together, I recognized a tool for attaining this positive focus. Jerald and I have worked together to hone his methods into a transformational personal practice. I would encourage anyone who is interested in making his or her thinking process more positive to invest in learning the SfI-Practice.