With a bit of daily effort you can

  • have a more positive perspective on yourself and the world around you;
  • decrease your internal negativity;
  • become more aware of and articulate about your most satisfying and uplifting experiences;
  • learn to articulate your strengths and bring your positive identity into focus;
  • cultivate more satisfying, strengths-focused relationships.

To learn the Strengths-focused Identity Practice, buy the book Articulating Your Strengths by Jerald Forster and Jennifer Rose. If you cannot afford the book, we may be able to help. Contact Jerald Forster at j_forster@comcast.net to find out more. 

Video: A Mirror Metaphor

To learn more about cultivating a strengths-focused perspective, watch the video below. The video uses the metaphor of looking in a mirror to demonstrate the purpose of the Strengths-focused Identity Practice. When you look in a mirror is your purpose to see your best qualities or is to correct perceived flaws? We want you to focus on the positive.


You can change your focus. You can overcome the negativity bias. Why go through the rest of your life in a way that is not optimal? It is easy and even fun to discover the secret that a simple practice can change the quality of your life.