Beginning SFI Practice

This practice enhances the quality of your life by increasing your positivity. 

The SfI-Practice starts with two steps: 

1-Notice and find words for positive moments.

2-Find words for your positive qualities. 

This practice supports a growing awareness of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment. As you become more aware of positive moments and grow to appreciate yourself more, it becomes easier to focus attention on the now.

We chose the word “practice” to evoke something that you do regularly over time. The beginning practice shows you that when you are having positive moments, you are using strengths. Realizing this, you will become empowered to bring about more positive moments in your daily life. 


This 9-lesson course provides instruction, examples, and encouragement to engage regularly in the SfI-Practice. Jerald Forster PhD and Jennifer Rose MA, a certified yoga teacher, the authors of Articulating Your Strengths, provide you guidance.

Jerald and Jennifer are available to answer your questions. 

LESSON 1: Welcome to the Strengths-focused Identity (SfI) Practice

LESSON 2: Taking Stock of Your Current Positivity

LESSON 3: What is the SfI-Practice?

LESSON 4: Articulating Positive Moments

LESSON 5: Articulating Strengths

LESSON 6: An Overview of the SfI-Practice

LESSON 7: Benefits of the SfI-Practice

LESSON 8: Sharing Your Practice

LESSON 9: Launching Your Practice