Beginning SFI-Practice – Lesson 6


Get the big picture.

An Overview of the SfI-Practice Section One

Look ahead to how you will grow in the practice after you have done many repetitions of Steps 1 and 2.

Notes on Practice
When you consciously choose the words you repeat to yourself, they gain a feeling of being truly who you are. When you develop a solid sense of your strengths, you can feel confident even when others criticize you. You aren’t a victim of the faulty opinions of other people anymore.

An Overview of the SfI-Practice Section Two

The data you collect about your best self by repeatedly doing steps 1 and 2 will later be organized and elaborated on.

Notes on Practice
Elaborating on your positive identity drives it deeper into your sense of who you are. Eventually, all of that positive content you have been reinforcing begins to shape your experience from within. You find yourself in more and more opportunities to use the best parts of who you are.
Articulating Your Strengths

“Subjective strengths are the strengths that only you define in your own words, in your own way. And they’re the most important ones because you’re talking to yourself a lot of the time. And when you talk to yourself, you have a meaning for certain strengths and they might be different from what other people think.”

Jerald Forster