This section of the website provides many examples to help you with Step 1: articulating positive moments, Step 2: articulating strengths related to positive moments, and Step 4: writing and maintaining a Top Ten strengths list.

Use the Examples dropdown menu and choose Positive Moments to see examples of Steps 1 and 2. SfI Practitioner, Barb, introduces herself on that page. She is regularly adding positive moments to this log, so keep checking back. Her positive moments include Step 2 strengths articulations. Positive feelings are in italic and strengths are in bold so you can find them easily.

Choose Top Ten from the dropdown menu to see examples of Top Ten lists in progress. Top Ten lists are ALWAYS in progress. They do not always need to be neat and tidy. Sometimes we put a half digested elaboration there and come back to it later to articulate it more clearly. Categories of strengths may come and go.

If you keep checking in, you will be able to watch as Barb’s Top Ten list evolves. You will also find a static snapshot of Jerald Forster’s Top Ten List. He is a co-founder of the Strengths-focused Identity Practice.

Having a blogger was the best way we could think of to demonstrate the joy and insights of the SfI-Practice. We are so grateful to Barb for adding her evolving discoveries and articulations to our site.