For Organizations Implementing Strengths-focused Relationships

Becoming Connoisseurs of Positive Experiences

Strengths-focused Relationships (SfRs) are desirable because they increase positivity between and among people, thereby elevating feelings of wellbeing. When two or more people engage in Strengths-focused Relationships (SfRs), people agree to interact in Strengths-focused Dialogues (SfDs). An SfD is a tool that can transform any relationship to make it more positive. During an SfD, participants take turns sharing positive moments (PMs) and subjective strengths. SfDs develop into relationships, SfRs, characterized by feelings of trust and closeness between or among participants.  Each participant has an opportunity to recognize more positive moments, and to articulate strengths they had never before put into words, and each feels safe trying out these new thoughts and feelings during the dialogue and in the context of the evolving relationships. This allows each person to explore new ways of experiencing themselves and those in the relationship(s). The atmosphere of positivity creates opportunities for exploring aspects of self-identity that had never been considered. Each participant becomes more motivated to articulate their Strengths-focused Identity.