Advanced SFI-Practice

Through the Advanced SfI Practice you will bring into focus what you like about yourself. Building on Steps 1 and 2 from the Beginning SfI Practice, continue to Steps 3 and 4. These steps organize and elaborate on your positivity about who you are. 


This 10-lesson course provides instruction, examples, and encouragement to engage regularly in the SfI-Practice. Jerald Forster PhD and Jennifer Rose MA, a certified yoga teacher, the authors of Articulating Your Strengths, provide you guidance. 

Jerald and Jennifer are also available to answer your questions. 

LESSON 1: Welcome to the Advanced Strengths-focused Identity (SfI) Practice

LESSON 2: Organize Your Strengths

LESSON 3: Elaborate on Your Top Strengths

LESSON 4: Keep Doing the Whole Process

LESSON 5: Strengths-focused Dialogues

LESSON 6: Focusing on the Present, Part 1

LESSON 7: Focusing on the Present, Part 2

LESSON 8: Act or Let Go

LESSON 9: Foundations of the Practice

LESSON 10: The Importance of Positivity