June 1, 2023

My granddaughter plays on her high school varsity lacrosse team, and they play a semi-final playoff match this afternoon.  If they win this game they will play the team they lost to in last year’s championship; consequently, I am feeling nervous anticipation for her and her team.   I am also excited, can’t wait, looking forward to the game, deep into the state of an unknown outcome.

So now I have to get ready to go to the game.

I’m back.  I ran into an old neighbor as I was heading out the door, stopped to chat then ran to catch the bus.  The driver recognized me as a retired Transit worker and we had a lovely exchange.  I left the bus through the front door so that I could wish him well.  I got to the field in time.  My granddaughter’s team dominated the first half; then the opposing team roared to a tie, then went ahead by one goal.  My granddaughter scored two more goals with fantastic assists by her teammate, and they won by one!

This was as much fun as one could have on a beautiful spring day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am a great supporter and cheerleader.  I am proud of my granddaughter’s determination and lacrosse skills. I resisted boasting to anyone standing next to me, which was particularly hard today.  I did let my granddaughter know how terrific she is.


The final championship game was as exciting as anticipated.  My granddaughter’s team played their arch nemesis in a repeat of the championship from the year before when they lost in overtime.  The game this year was neck and neck; one team scored the other came back and scored. At one point into the second half, I went down to field level to watch the game through the chain linked fence, obviously not for the better view, but to alleviate the tension by walking and pacing.  It helps at the NBA games I attend, and it helped here as well.  With time slipping by, the opposing team went up one goal.  In the first two of the final three minutes, my granddaughter’s team scored two goals which put them ahead by one.  On the last face-off, the opposing team took control and made a shot on goal miraculously saved by the goalie.  My granddaughter’s team now had control of the ball with a little over a minute left in the game and up by one.  The coach called a time out.  Back on the field my granddaughter’s team managed to maintain possession but not without aggressive defense on the part of the opposing team.  I held my breath along with all the others until we reached the countdown: 10, 9, 8…. My granddaughter’s team won with true team play, six players scored the eight goals and the goalie made 14 saves.  What a game!