January 19, 2023

Last Friday, I took a picture of the sunset from my kitchen window.  A few minutes later, “R”, my daughter-in-law texted me a couple of pictures she took of the same sunset from the train while crossing the Manhattan Bridge.  At the time, I thought it serendipity.  Then on Monday, gkid “M” sent me a photo of the sunset.  Since we began the Cousin Chat in the dark days of the pandemic, I have posted sun and moon pictures and now every so often one of the Cousins will do the same.  I have come to believe that I may have had some influence and that it wasn’t serendipitous at all.

I am particularly lucky that I can see the sunrise, sunset and the full moon from my apartment.  It is no big deal to capture these images with my camera (aka cell phone), print them as gifts or make a video or two.  What strikes me as I look in wonder at the various pictures of mine and those offered by others, that no matter the different vantage points, city, state, surroundings or even quality, we are all looking at the same thing. We are many with different points of view striving toward the same goal.

While some of the pictures are more striking than others they all have one thing in common other than the object itself.  Everyone stopped what they were doing, took a picture of the sun and shared it with me.  My strength here is taking the first step in sharing the photos with others and acknowledging the beautiful photos in return.  It is both fun and rewarding.