March 31, 2022

This might be classified as the most positive moment of the year.  My youngest granddaughter “M” came over to the apt to spend some time last Friday, last day of her spring break.  We played cards, she watched a TV show while I did something else, and then we decided to go up the street to Babba Cool for a beverage.  “M” ordered a green tea concoction, and I got coffee.  We sat in the outdoor space built during the pandemic that looks like a large bus shelter.  We chatted and drank our beverages.  Then we walked back to the apt.

While waiting for the light to change at the corner, I put my arm around her shoulder, and she in turn put her arm around my waste.  Neither of us spoke.  We stood that way until the light changed and then proceeded to walk across the street holding on to one another in the same fashion.  I was thinking at the time that I wish I had a picture of us.  I also imagined that if anyone caught a glimpse of us, they certainly would think how precious.  It was precious, and I don’t need a picture to remember it.

Pre-pandemic, I spent a lot of time with “M” building various cardboard structures.  The pandemic put an end to that, visits and time spent were minimal.  She changed in two years as expected, and I accepted that those days were gone.

I was surprised that holding-on-to-one-another lasted as long as it did.  It seemed we made up for the absence of touch during the pandemic.  Mostly though, I am elated that “M” and I still have a connection. My strength is observing the moment and appreciating its worth.