December 2021

Over the past couple of days I experienced three events that are unusual.  It seems to me the events are associated to Covid restrictions, mandates and supply chain issues.

The first concerns a cancelled doctor’s visit for a routine checkup.  The next appointment available is not until February unless I needed urgent care.  Since that was not the case I agreed to the change puzzled, nonetheless, at a 3 month wait.

The second event was my trip to Starbucks to get some coffee since our coffee maker went kaput.  NYC requires vax proof for anyone eating in and this notice was posted at the coffee shop.  Anyone eating out did not have to show proof.  The problem, as I saw it, was the line to order for both those eating in or out included vaxed and unvaxed as well as masked and unmasked and was right next to the tables of those eating in.  In other words, what’s the point?

The third instance was paying for the coffee which came to $7.08.  All I had was $10.00 since I emptied the change from my pockets the night before in order to avoid sounding off the alarms at security when I attended the Nets game (they won! Thank the heavens!!).  The clerk returned my change from the 10 bucks and indicated that she was shorting me because they were low on change.  So I paid $0.17 more so Starbucks could keep $0.08.

None of these events are earth shattering but all nagged at me on my walk back home. Once I arrived home with my coffee I listened to the thoughts in my head recounting these events.  All I heard was gripe, gripe, 3 months, $0.17, gripe, gripe.  Then I came to my senses and asked myself, are these thoughts useful? No, they are not (thank you, Jennifer).  So instead I focused on the positive:

  1.  I negotiated with the medical clerk to talk to the doctor on the phone at the previously scheduled appointment time.  This way I can take care of the medication and insurance business, and work out some agreeable arrangement for follow-up tests, if warranted, prior to the Feb appointment.
  2. I realized that the appointment change would allow me to attend my Friday ritual with my husband and the crossword puzzle at the diner.  The Feb appointment is on a Wednesday. Yea!
  3. I recognize that the city needs to get back to work and the chaos involving Covid restrictions and mandates are inevitable.  I remembered that I am 3 times vaxed, wear a mask and mind social distancing.  I remembered the walk to the shop was purposeful; I felt my feet on the ground and witnessed a beautiful unusually warm morning.
  4. I am grateful that I could afford to pay $7.25 for two cups of coffee.
  5. The coffee was great.


I believe my strength here is observing the thoughts streaming through my head and remembering to question their usefulness.  This allowed me to respond appropriately to the issues rather than react with annoyance and irritation and ultimately come to agreeable solutions.  I felt lighter and content.