January 2021

What do I really mean by this?

I hugged my granddaughter yesterday for the first time in one year because of Covid restrictions. We followed the social distance guidelines recommended by health care officials over the past year. Not the same kind of sacrifice others have made during this time but a sacrifice nonetheless. A good citizen is one that is active in the community, honest, trustworthy, follows the rules, respects the rights and property of others, informed, compassionate, and takes responsibility for one’s actions. While this special moment does not satisfy all of this, it does demonstrate a few such as: responsibility, respect, informed, and following the rules.

What is an example of a time I noticed this strength in myself?

In addition to minding social distance, during the pandemic I made masks for various organizations, family, friends and the guys on the street. I wore a mask. I volunteered for political campaigns, I voted. I am honest and trustworthy, if I make a commitment, I will almost always fulfill it or have an appropriate reason for falling short. I tend to the community by picking up plastic bags whenever I see them on the sidewalk and throw them away, though since they banned plastic bags, that is not as much of a problem, smart move. Prior to the pandemic, I raised money for worthy causes. I am learning to articulate my strengths which I believe can help me be an even better member of the community.

What is it like when I engage this strength?

I read an article today about how New Zealand was able to keep the death rate from Covid extremely low. According to the article, New Zealanders practice Manaakitanga, a part of the Maori tradition that believes “we are all in this canoe together,” and it is because of this belief they behaved as a community, considerate and caring for themselves and one another. I feel that I am a more caring and loving individual when I behave like a good citizen.

Strength: Good Citizen

I believe that in the moment of the hug, I realized that its absence was the presence of good citizenship.