February 2021

Since I have been fully vaccinated I now meet up with my granddaughters once a week after school. Oftentimes I will have a conversation with the older one, D, and then work on a building project with the younger one, M. This past week, “D” was engrossed in her homework so there was little opportunity to talk. I had brought supplies for the project “M” and I are working on, a cardboard resort (her idea). “M” assigned the task of making the lounge chairs to me while she began to work on the mosaic for the floor of the pool. “M” and “D” sat at the island counter and I sat at the dining table all within a few feet of one another. I began to cut cardboard into two sizes of rectangles one slightly smaller than the other and then cut a slit into the larger piece in order to slip the smaller one through. The result looks like the letter “Y,” but when balanced, closely resembled an Adirondack chair without arms. “M” approved and I proceeded to make 12 chairs.

While I was making the chairs I noticed how quiet the room was, “D” at work on her studies, “M” making the mosaic, and me with the chairs. The stillness was palpable. The only sounds were the thoughts in our heads, and while I can’t speak for the girls, my thoughts were minimal while I focused on what I was doing.

I love the feeling of calmness that comes with and follows this kind of attention. I have practiced giving full attention to the task at hand and believe this is one of my strengths. When fully present, I find that time slows down. Sharing the sound of silence with the girls was magical. Happiness prevailed.